Paleo banana pancakes with super thick cream from South Coast Cheese in Tilba Tilba NSW, blueberries from the Clyde River Berry Farm, mint from the balcony garden and maple syrup

Oh summer, how I miss you! Another six more months before the warm weather returns…

In other news, I’m taking the day off work and heading up to Perisher to snowboard tomorrow. The snow in Australia has been the best it’s been in decades. I’m really looking forward to it!


i want cats and you

I’m someone who’s mostly dead inside but still has a little hope for something extraordinary, which, as I said, is the worst breed of human, because it means I know everything is bullshit, but that I secretly hope for the day when it might not be.
Nick Miller (via himynameistade)

The Daring Women - Pompeo Mariani


The Daring Women - Pompeo Mariani


(by seaembraces)


"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".